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Affiliate Authority –

is the big book of affiliate marketing every affiliate marketer should read. You will learn almost everything there is to know to start a home based business as an affiliate marketer and help you into that affiliate marketing authority and help you to generate passive income online, just by selling other people’s products!

Affiliate Authority comes with a 91 pages PDF eBook, a Checklist, a Resource Cheat Sheet and a Mind Map.



The Big Book of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Authority goes deep into affiliate marketing and explains everything there is to know about affiliate marketing. A lot of people jump into affiliate marketing thinking they will make a fortune over night, but it is not working like that. Affiliate Marketing is hard work, but if you make your homework you can make a fortune.

Affiliate Authority is a 81 pages eBook learning you everything from how to get referrals, how to promote your affiliate offers and what a Landing Page is and how to set up one. You will also learn how to drive traffic to your affiliate link through social media, email marketing, basic SEO and so much more.

You will also get a Cheat Sheet, a Resource Report and a Mind Map as a Bonus.


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